What are Amazing Techniques to Decorate your Playhouse

By constructing the playhouse for your kids in your yard, you can make their dreams come true. Just constructing a simple and plain playhouse will not be able to attract your kids for long. You should decorate it and make it visually appealing so that your kids would love to play here and spend their time inside the playhouse. We recommend you pay attention to the interior and exterior sections of your playhouse.

You should decorate the playhouse in such a way that it will look like a small house. Also, you should not forget to consider taking the advice of your kids so that they love their new small house. First of all, you should decide the theme for your playhouse and after that make a plan to achieve your objectives. Here, in this home decoration guide, you will get to know about various techniques that will help to decorate your playhouse:

Window Treatment

In our homes, we never leave our windows without curtains. Similarly, you should add curtains to your playhouse. It will give a homey feeling to your house and it can also add a little privacy to your small house. While choosing curtains for the playhouse, you should the vibrant hues that can attract your kids. The windows of the playhouse are not like the windows of our home. Therefore, before starting purchasing curtains for the playhouse windows, you should measure windows. Usually, a 12×18 playhouse window is the standard size. You can take measurements to avoid any mistakes.

Miniature Furniture

As we have already explained that playhouse is just like a small size house, therefore, you should purchase miniature furniture for your small home. Adding small size furniture to the playhouse is one of the perfect ways to make it look attractive. The size of the playhouses is very small and you should choose furniture size accordingly. While constructing the playhouse for the kids, you should ensure that it can at least accommodate various small size chairs and tables. Along with furniture, you should also make sure the playhouse windows should be of small size.

Soft Furnishing

The soft furnishing can make your playhouse very much cozier. Therefore, you should consider adding a throw pillow, beanbags, a small blanket, and carpet as well. The soft carpet will make the floor of the playhouse visually appealing. Moreover, it will help in making your playhouse very much cozy during the wintertime and children can play freely inside the playhouse without any fear of catching a cold. The small comfortable finishing can add a soft touch to the playhouse.

Storage Cabinets and Shelves

The space in the playhouse is limited due to its small size. But you can make the most of the available space by adding the storage cabinets and shelves in the playhouse. In these storage cabinets, you can store the kids’ blankets, comforters, toys, and various other important things that they may need during playtime. You should display some decorative items on the shelves and make sure that these decorative items are your kids’ favorite. For instance, you can decorate the shelves with the favorite cartoon character of your kid’s choice.

Add Finishing Touch

You should add a finishing touch to the playhouse so that it looks completely inviting and attractive. You can go the extra mile and make your playhouse homey by adding wall stickers, hanging kids’ artwork on the wall, display attractive quotes, and many more. Do not forget to install a chalkboard because it will let your kids bring their ideas to life. They can draw whatever they want and there will be no restrictions. This tip will let your kids think creatively and take their imagination to next level. You should decorate the shed windows installed in the playhouse.

Exterior Furnishings

Decorating the exterior is as important as enhancing the interior since your little ones will also spend time outside their playhouse. Furnish the exterior with a small bench for ice cream days and decorative fencing for additional design and privacy. The playhouse will now look extra chic and functional inside out.

Window Plant Boxes

You can add color to the playhouse by installing the window plant boxes. You can hang the basket in the round playhouse windows and add various beautiful flowers to it. The window plant boxes will not just add color to the interior of the playhouse, but they will also add color to the exterior section of the house. The attractive flower boxes can make your playhouse a much lively and snug area.

Run Electric Wires

Installing lighting fixtures is very much important for your playhouse. You should light it up with LED lighting fixtures which are stylish and eco-friendly as well. If you want to take the decoration of the playhouse to the next level, then add string lights, fairy lights, and sparkling lights.

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