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Our insightful clients, for example, yourself are rightly worried about the texture or material that is utilized to make a bean bag’s external cover. A bean bag’s cover is a deciding variable of the bean bag’s general quality, as well as its solace and style. In this first article of a 2-section series on Bean Bag Fabrics, we try to expand on a couple of significant texture qualities.

1. Perfection

Afterall, assuming a bean bag online is intended to envelope a critical piece of your body, the material that is in direct contact with your skin and how smooth it feels, would be of most extreme significance. While bean bag covers are not promoted by string count like bedsheets are, the fundamental idea is that the better the surface, the smoother it will feel.

2. Breathability

For our Singapore clients, heat is perhaps of the main thought.
Since a bean bag is intended to adjust to your body, it involves that it will trap the your body heat. Consequently, you should consider how breathable the texture is while picking the bean bag’s cover material, taking into setting the climate your bean bag will be utilized in.

3. Strength

Obviously, every one of these will be unsettled in the event that the bean bag’s cover can’t endure sensible use. Each texture has its own intrinsic elasticity, and you want to consider an intrinsically solid material that can take the effect and stretch that a bean bag cover would support in the course of its life of your use.

4. Water-Resistance

A decent to-have trademark will be water-obstruction. A few textures can be covered outwardly to repulse water, as well as covered within to diminish or forestall drainage. A few textures, commonly of its unrefined substance, as of now have such characteristics without the requirement for extra coatings.

A water-safe bean bag would be not difficult to keep up with – customary cleaning should be possible with a fast wipe; unplanned spillages can be contained. In the event that you expect to put your bean bag where there may be some light downpour, then you would need to consider a water-safe texture bean bag.

While it is great to have a comprehension of the attributes of textures utilized in bean bags, we realize you are eventually worried about the different bean bag texture choices on the lookout, and what every one of their fluctuating qualities would mean for your planned use and buy choice.

If it’s not too much trouble, remain tuned for the following article where we dig into the normal bean bag cover texture choices.

So What is EPP?

EPP is Expanded Polypropylene, and is generally used to make pressing material for delicate things like camera focal points, and for applications that require viable shock retention like car parts.

Look at this idea vehicle by Toyota including an EPP body:

Why EPP?

So how could you utilize EPP?

Compelling shock ingestion

Due to EPP’s great shape recuperation and rehash influence execution, its use as bean bag filling implies the beans will remain in shape very well in spite of steady, high effect beating from your butt.

And EPS?

In our past article, we explained on the benefits of thickness. More or less, the denser the beans, the less frequently you would have to top up. So how does EPP compare EPS?

Brand Volume (L) Weight (g) Density (g/L)
SG Beans EPP 50 1000 20
SG Beans Regular EPS 50 710 14.2
Other Brand EPS 50 460 9.2
Bean Bag Filling – EPP and EPS

However, one thing to note: certain individuals truly do feel that bean bags loaded up with EPP are excessively firm (on account of EPP’s higher thickness), and not quite so agreeable as those loaded up with EPS. Obviously, this is absolutely abstract – certain individuals like it firmer, others like it nuaher.

We feel that organized bean bags would profit from the immovability of EPP, for example, our Chilla Fabric Bean Bag Chair, as the state of the bean bag would be better kept up with. Conversely, as the Versa Bean Bag is flexible and can be situated in numerous ways, we figure EPS would be more appropriate.

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