What is the ‘back-to school necklace What exactly is the ‘back-to school necklace’?

back to school necklace

Urban Dictionary – a website dedicated to the definition of new slang words . It describes, “A back to school necklace is a term for the noose. This is because of the overwhelming sadness you feel after school begins to resume.’

One Twitter user shared an image and wrote”Currently working on my back-to-school necklace! !

For some kids who are under pressure from schoolwork, parents or peers – is frequently too much to bear with.

Seven percent of UK children have tried suicide by 17 in research published by The British Journal of Psychiatry statistics published by The Guardian(opens in a new tab) in February of this year.

It also revealed that nearly 4 out of 10 people have been self-harming in the last year. Experts believe the numbers could increase because of the epidemic.

Dr Malie Coyne, a Clinical psychologist and the author of “Love in out, Love in out A loving method of raising your anxious child(opens in new tab) The author was shocked when she learned of the new trend.

“The trend of the ‘back to school necklace‘ was a shock to me as I have a son who is nearly eight and a near 10-year-old daughter, but I believe it’s essential for parents to use the language of emotions in the home, where feelings are discussed and acknowledged. Parents should also be encouraging their children to be open about their feelings and about everything, not just returning in the school.’

Then, she said, ‘If you’re worried about the back-to school necklace fashion, you can simply say ,

‘I’ve seen this trend in the newspaper and have you ever heard of it?’

But you shouldn’t bring it up unless you’re worried for your children. If you’re worried with your child, talking to them about it won’t cause them to commit suicide.’

However, the Dr. Coyne explained the importance of using the right method. She stated, “When your child tells you about something rather than gloss over it or to distract away from it, really validate their feeling and say ‘that sounds like it was really difficult for you today.'”

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She also pointed out parents are more likely to under supervise over 10 year olds, and over-parent the younger 10s. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a different strategy for all age groups. In her presentation, Dr. Coyne explained, “When teens ask us to go away’,

it doesn’t necessarily mean they are asking us to go away. They may have a bad day, and we should assure them that we are not leaving them alone and keep track of their progress regularly. You can say

“You’d prefer to be on your own for a while, and that’s fine, but I’ll check in later because you’re probably finding difficult today” and do check-in. Keep checking in. They need you now as much as they ever did, maybe even more. Teens tend to be better at side-to-side communication on walks or in the car, and brief chats rather than lengthy ones.”

If your child has a fear of school in the manner of the “back-to-school necklace” meaning, she suggests parents “unpack” what it is that they fear for their child about school.

If you’re telling them that I do not want to go to school, they’re obviously thinking an extremely black and white mental picture. You’re trying to figure out the issue that’s causing their anger The most important thing is to try to calm them down . Try to remain calm. Anxiety(opens in a new tab) is infectious, if you’re not able to keep your cool, and your child doesn’t, they won’t either.’

If you are worried that there’s an underlying pattern in your child’s absences or absences, the Dr. Coyne explains how to manage the issue. “Obviously that if your child is sick, you’ll take your child into the GP. However, I would not allow your child to sit in front of the internet all day long when they’re not at school, because there’s no need for them to attend the school. If they’re sick, they’re sick and are likely to stay in bed for the majority of the time.

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You could with the permission of your child to check in with your children’s peers, parents and the school to find out how they’re getting along as well,’ she said.

To determine the root of their behavior is essential to create positive school environments and, as the Dr. Coyne warned, “You don’t want a child to spend a long time out of  back to school necklace because that is going to be harder for them to go back.”

What can you tell whether a child is struggling with mental health issues?

The Dr. Coyne listed her key elements that suggest the child is being silent:
  • Changes in the way children communicate Are they withdrawing from social interaction? Are they being more in their rooms , than they did previously?
  • Do they really want to be in their own of time?
  • Are they in front of screens a lot?
  • Mood fluctuates.
  • The use of alcohol or other substances.
  • A feeling of despair.
  • Doing not take part in activities that they once did.
  • Finding it difficult to enjoy life.
  • Is their sleeping or eating routine not in the same time?
  • They may be engaging in risky behavior or even donating their possessions or saying ‘I won’t remain around for too long’.
  • You may also be checking for indicators of self-harm.
  • Be confident in your senses.


The kids themselves are stunned to hear the meaning. One user uploaded a trend that asked others to record yourself prior to and after searching for “back to school necklace

If your child is a member of a family or only friends, Dr. Coyne made it clear that it is crucial for all children watching at one another.

She said, “It’s really important to make sure that children and siblings take care of one another. In doing so you’re trying to encourage empathy and compassion. If you see people being kind, you can tell them ‘that was a great thing that you helped your sister’ and ‘….gave her an embrace instead of be focused on their arguments.

She even implements her own advice in application. “I’m even saying to them now, ‘when you go out into town with your friends I want you to look out for each other and I want you to look out for your friends too – and don’t let them do home alone. Make sure that you’re with them and looking out for each other because it’s really important.”

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If you’re concerned about your child, let them know about your concerns and urge them to speak to someone they can trust. If you suspect that your teenager is in danger of harming themselves Contact you GP or a medical expert for advice immediately.

24/7/ 7 all week long, just call at 116 123, or text SHOUT to 85258.

These apps are great to manage anxiety in children – Headspace (for children) Stop, Breathe and Think Kids and Smiling Mind.

It is also possible to visit A Lust for Life for other sources.

In conjunction to World Suicide Prevention Day (10th of September) The the suicide prevention organization R;pple(opens in a new tab) has released a brand new online tool that will protect children from harmful material. When it has identified keywords that relate to suicide or self-harm the tool will display an array of mental health helplines and guidelines instead. This includes phone, text and webchat, as well as self-help apps and pocket resources available free and available 24/7. This browser extensions is available for free download(opens in a new tab) and is available right now.

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