What Makes a Good Sound Tech?

A sound technician’s main job is to assist the sound engineer, and he has only one main job: focus. Loading and unloading is secondary to primary responsibility.

Pay attention.

Mindfulness has many facets. First and foremost, good audio technology will meet the needs of engineers. To be attentive is to pay attention. An engineer should never have problems communicating with his technology. Some of the common means of communication used during performance include;

Two way radio or closed circuit comm. Laws

mobile phones

Short messages

hand gestures


The technician should follow the direction of his engineer and consult the engineer to see if he needs anything. A modeling engineer has a lot on his mind. Achieving real professional results requires a lot of responsibility. An engineer has to focus on several things at once: the artists, the sound and the audience. His attention should not be ignored. Every time the engineer had trouble communicating with his viralmagpoint, the technology failed to do its job. Being attentive is the responsibility of technology. When the artists arrive, the engineer must not leave his seat. Sound technology should also be sensitive to the needs of the artists. When artists tune in, it’s the sound tech’s job to provide the following;

Give each artist their cable and say “This is for you” or “You’re posting here.”

We don’t touch the artists’ instruments and they don’t touch ours

We need to touch the drums to the mic, but we politely ask if that’s okay. Better than having our mic as the drummer. Singers obviously have to touch our microphones, and that’s okay. However, it is the sound engineer’s job to make the necessary adjustments to the microphone stands to find a comfortable position for each artist. No artist has to prepare the stand. When this happens, the sound technology is not doing its job. An artist should focus on his playing and performance. Playing music is an emotional experience, and if an artist is frustrated with having to adjust their mic stand, it will negatively affect their emotions, which will reduce their performance.

A sound engineer must adjust the monitors to the artist’s preference. 

Sometimes they want to move closer or farther or turn in one direction or another. It is important to keep the monitors out of the feedback zone, i.e. not pointing at microphones that could cause feedback.

When the engineer got down to doing these things, the sound tech couldn’t do his job. If he is forced to do the technical work, the engineer cannot focus on the board, the monitor mix, the artists and the audience. The most important function of sound technology is to focus. Focuses more on meeting the needs of engineers and artists. Being focused means being on show and being focused all the time. Listen for possible problems and trouble engineers.

Look at the system. If there is a speaker out of band, the sound tech should pay attention to it immediately and fix it without hesitation. If the artist is trying to communicate something, the sound instantvirals should also focus on that. It is the engineer’s job to understand the artist’s communication during the performance, but more importantly to focus on the engineer’s needs and the artist’s main technical job. This can help the engineer figure out what the artist is trying to communicate. Additionally, if the microphone slips or is out of place, the audio tech should fix it immediately.

Sound technology is always black.

This is because they sometimes have to slip during performances. Their black clothing reflects less light than other colors, so they attract less attention than wearing fluorescent yellow. But he tells the audience that he is not part of the team. It’s a good technique, it only works with sound technology. It meets the needs of an artist or an engineer and does it well.

Finally, if you learn nothing else from this article, at least learn this. A sound tech’s primary responsibility is to be attentive at all times, meeting the needs of others for a flawless performance.

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