What should you write about Paid guest posting ?

paid guest posting

Paid guest posting primary objective is to provide value to entrepreneurs who are looking to develop disruptive platforms, as well as relevant customers in established companies who want to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Are you intrigued by the technological revolution being caused through the On Demand Economy. Over the last three years, we’ve been trying create Pensive Blogs website the top places to find out more regarding the latest developments, their impact and potential implications for all parties as it relates to the on Demand Economy.

In the process , we’ve developed something that a lot of our readers see as an online Wikipedia for the creation of platforms that are on demand. We aren’t there yet , I’m sure that your initial curiosity in the idea of Guest post will allow us to get one step closer to our goal.

Ohh. The numbers are awe-inspiring.

We deliver weekly updates about ODE to our super targeted 15000 strong subscriber base , comprising investors, entrepreneurs and stakeholders from various companies.

We have received approximately 50000 unique visits (Mar’16) on our blog each month (increasing 10 per cent MoM).

Our team is the editor of the Uber for X Medium publication and managers of a flourishing on Demand Economy page on Linkedin.

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While we do not want to limit your creativity, but here are some general suggestions to help you get to begin –

  1. The Demand Economy: Thoughts, Predictions, Commentary.
  2. Business Models — What is successful and what isn’t?
    a. Generic comment on ODE platforms
    B. Best practices/guidelines on the best practices in particular verticals
  3. Possibility for ODE to disrupt existing value chains in the industry
    A few among the verticals that there is a lot of activity and opportunities include –
    a. Beauty and Wellness
    b. Transportation
    C. Delivery
    D. Home Services
    e. Consumer Services
    F. B2B, and many more
  4. News, Analysis, Post Mortems of startups trying to expand the ODE platforms
  5. Technology components Technology components
    Technology is a commodity
    APIs of 3rd party providers
    The technology platform is being developed.
  6. Marketing — acquiring the right people, engaging them and keeping demand and supply
    a. The chicken and egg issue
    b. Attaining the critical mass
    C. Marketing on the internet or digital methods for acquiring demand and supply
    D. growth hacking platforms
  7. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
    a. How can you remain relevant within the latest disruptive trends in technology
    b. How can we integrate offline and online?
    C. The latest trends: Customers expect Omni-Channel Services; Supply moving towards a crowdsourced model Models for growth of assets becoming more important
    D. Examples of businesses that are embracing the changes
  8. Startup Stories

We are always interested in hearing direct from our founders who are creating On Demand Platforms

  • The content of your posts must contain “AT LEAST!” 700plus words, and at a minimum. We want to provide the highest quality for our readers , and posts that are shorter than this are not as helpful.
  • We will only accept articles made in English in the moment.
  • Articles should have been written by the author and completely original! We will check ALL submissions to ensure that they do not violate copyright.
  • No bad language
  • Our editorial staff reserves the right format and edit the articles submitted.
  • Include images to communicate your message. But don’t do it to make it look better. If you are writing tutorials, take an image.

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If you’re successful when you submit an post to us we’ll provide you with all credit at the end of your article with a profile of your own. In this section, you can add some information about your personal information and website and the links for the profiles of your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ profiles.

Send out an email at kgupta1134@gmail.com . Feel free to submit ideas for posts that we can examine if you’re not certain. Links to previous work are also welcome. If you’re confident that your concept is compatible with the guidelines mentioned above, you are welcome to upload an essay in a Word document.

Please be aware that it typically takes us up to 48 hours to review the request So please be patient. We will certainly respond to you within the specified time frame.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback and reviewing your submission.

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