What Steps Are Necessary To Get A Correct Copy From The Dubai Courts Notary Public?

What Steps Are Necessary To Get A Correct Copy From The Dubai Courts Notary Public

A xerox of the original document that has been certified as being the original document is a true copy. However, it does not vouch for the legitimacy of the original document; rather, it merely attests to the photocopy’s accuracy as a replica of the original.

A certified or true copy is an inexpensive and easily manufactured document that is frequently used in submissions of papers for various purposes across the globe. These include some official duties, legal proceedings, as well as work related to business or employment. In this manner, the individual can still complete the necessary tasks while maintaining the original documents’ safety and security in case they are misplaced.

 A true copy and an apostilled or notarized copy are similar in several ways. These are typically employed in English-speaking nations. A notary public in Dubai issues a true copy. The authority of a notary public differs from the notary that is often seen in many nations.

The nominee person or organisation that is the applicant signs the true copy. Distinct countries have different issuing authorities. In specific circumstances, certain nations permit the individual to certify a true copy. Documents may also be approved in some nations by specific postal workers. You can visit Ontime attestation for more information.

True copies are frequently made of the following documents:

  • Passports
  • IDs
  • Application forms
  • Academic documents
  • Utility bills
  • Tenancy contracts (EJARI)
  • Commercial certificates
  • Photographs

Lawyers or a notary public in Dubai can receive the authentic copy of the original documents. Some documents, such academic or business-related documents, can also be certified by the organisation that issued them.

However, for these copies of the original documents to be accepted as legitimate in some nations like the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, a lawyer or a solicitor must certify them.

Any agreement reached by two or more parties in the case of a commercial document (such as a partnership termination, clearances, or credit paperwork) must be attested.

Personal documents, such as marriage certificates, issued in nations other than Dubai must be authenticated in order to be confirmed as genuine. You can go through Best Attestation services in Dubai for professional advices.

The methods to getting a genuine copy of your documents in Dubai are listed below.

Step 1: Notary Public for Dubai Courts

Along with any additional documents you might need, you must also carry two or more sets of the original paperwork. Bring the original paperwork with you. Bring some local ID and your passport. You must also carry a copy of the translation if the original document is not in English or Arabic. Verifying the translation is necessary. You will have to pay the office about 110 AED for this work.

Enter the department inside the notary public office to get a token for a notary appointment. The documents will be verified by the local notary.

You must next carry your paperwork to the second notary, who will check your signatures and other details.

Then head over to the counter to pay for the services rendered. Depending on your paperwork and criteria, your charge can change.

Next, take your paperwork back from the second notary. He will offer you instructions on how to provide one document to be kept in the department’s archives. You should be aware that the attestation procedures are no longer handled by the Dubai courts. The government has assigned the attestation work to other departments.

Step2: Ministry of Justice

You have two options: personally visit or send a representative. Before going to the office to acquire the stamp and the certification, you must pay a fee of AED 52 at the reception, again depending on the criteria of your application.

Step3: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Attestation)

Obtaining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ attestation is the procedure’ final stage. AED 150 may be the cost of an appointment, but make sure you are sure before you go.


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