Why Do Borrowers Prefer SBI Home Loans?

Nowadays, everyone aspires to own a home, but this goal has become difficult to achieve, certainly due to rising real estate costs. However, applying for home loans is a good alternative to opt for. Innumerable banks and personal money lenders provide home loan options, but most borrowers prefer SBI Home Loan. It is India’s largest and most reputable government bank. When it comes to home loans, SBI is the bank that customers trust the most. This is because SBI home loan interest rate are cheaper than those of other banks.


Why do borrowers prefer SBI Home Loans?

Although numerous banks and Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) in the nation provide house loans, SBI Home Loans stand out as the most popular for several reasons. Following are some factors that make borrowers prefer SBI Home Loan over others. 


  1. Trustworthy

When it comes to money, it becomes very important for any lender to build a strong trust between its customers. Additionally, according to a recent study called ‘The Brand Trust Report’, 2015, the most trusted brand in the banking industry in India is the State Bank of India. 


Especially in India, people believe that government banks are more trustworthy than private ones, as they would never fail. And if it does fail in the worst case scenario, the government will provide the necessary support. Therefore, millions of Indians apply for SBI Home Loans


  1. Lower SBI home loan interest rate

There is no doubt that the SBI home loan interest rate is lower than those from any other bank. The economies of scale are one of the factors contributing to this. Additionally, SBI has access to affordable financing and has one of the greatest CASA ratios among all banks. SBI provides female borrowers with interest rates starting at just 8.15% p.a. In honour of the value of women in Indian households. This includes a 0.05% reduction in SBI home loan interest rates for female borrowers.


  1. Lower EMIs

Borrowers benefit from applying for SBI Home Loan with lower EMIs compared to other lenders. For example, a home loan of ₹ 30 lakh with an interest rate of 8.15% p.a and a tenure of 30 years will require you to pay an EMI at just ₹ 744 per lakh.


  1. Zero hidden charges 

With SBI, you can be sure that every step of the loan application and repayment process will be completely transparent. In other words, if you apply for an SBI Home Loan, there are no hidden charges or processing fees.


  1. Plethora of offers and benefits 

In addition to getting a lower SBI home loan interest rate and EMI, with SBI Home Loan, consumers can avail of great benefits. These include the availability of different types of Home loans, the facility to Apply Online for Home Loans and other additional offers and discounts. 


  1. Largest branch network 

State Bank of India owns the largest bank network in the nation. This makes it simple for borrowers to get information about their loans. However, managing your home loan online and carrying out most of the necessary tasks is possible. Due to the huge number of branches, borrowers who prefer a physical location can visit the branch without difficulty.



SBI is among the most preferred choice because many people apply for SBI Home Loan. It is one of the most reputable government banks in the nation. Over the years, SBI has built complete transparency and trust between its borrowers and customers. It provides great services with great ease! 

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