WWE WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back to our screens this evening (Aug. 15 2022) from the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC and will feature new developments to the Clash at the Castle pay-per-view. Clash on The Castle pay-per view (PPV) scheduled to air early the next month, at Cardiff, Wales.Advertised for tonight the Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament begins its first round, featuring Alexa Bliss & Asuka taking on Nikki A.S.H.and Doudrop for the chance to go up against IYO SKY and Dakota Kai, AJ Styles receives an opportunity to win the United States title shot against Bobby Lashley, Riddle is back to discuss Seth Rollins’ attack at SummerSlam as well as there’s more. Check in around 8 p.m.ET, when the Raw live blog begins to kick off as the show gets underway at 8 p.m. ET on USA Network.The blog will run below this line.Reminder GIFs and images are allowed However, no links to streams that are illegal Please.


The cards she gives me are of Princesses with her love, her eyes that shine with vacancy in the bar and to look her up, you have to look up.Afflicted with a deep wound in battle I’m stuffed like an unflinching soldier with her Cheshire smile. I’ll be on the record, she’s everything I’ve ever wanted. But is she here now?I’m going to liveblog this professional wrestling event for all you folks.The program begins with the introduction video.Judgment Day make their entrance and enter the ring as well as onto the microphone.Rhea Ripley states that they host Monday Night Raw and that’s been a stark reality for the Mysterios and she has proved Dominik that she truly is his papa as they destroyed the soul of Dominik.Finn Balor talks about how everyone loves the Mysterios and claims he’s not sure but he’s worried that they’ve got bad news for everyone members of us.Rey and Dominik aren’t here this week, and that’s due to the fact that little Dom suffered a heart attack in the last week. He destroyed the older Mysterio during mid-ring in order to further cement his fame in the industry.Damian Priest talks about what will happen to Edge next week and asks the crowd if they would like to meet Edge immediately.

Alexa Bliss and Asuka against. Doudrop & Nikki ASH (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament , First Round Match)

Bianca Belair is at ringside in this match.Asuka and Alexa are soaring with ASH early, with quick double teams and tags and knocking shoes off the top of the podium, and being strong as we get ready into a break.Back from commercial ASH with an Japanese stranglehold on Bliss and ensuring she is in control, Asuka gets the tag and shows her swagger!Lariat, hip attack German suplex blocked with a uraken, strike rushing and a third uraken before the German suplex comes in… But no!Heels are trying to run double-teams, Asuka fights the tide with a near-fall off of a crossbody , and the match is over!The four women fall in the water, uraken wipes Doudrop out clean the apron Michinoku driver… ASUKA KICKS out!Tags Alexa, DDT connects, quick tag back Codebreaker grounded octopus Bliss is the one to take Nikki out

Alexa Bliss & Asuka take down the opponent with an octopus that is grounded by Asuka On Doudrop.

After the match, Bayley and co. take to the stage, and our trios square each other ahead of Clash on the Castle as well as referees and road agents segregating them.Austin Theory gets interviewed backstage.He admits that he may have made a mistake at SummerSlam however, he’s an incredibly successful Mr. The Money in the Bank and is wiser and more threatening this time, and the when Dolph Ziggler rolls up.He says that he’s been beaten each time, and that the contract was not handed to him. That’s why it was important when he clocked in and was crowned World Heavyweight Champion.Theory admits he’s thrilled for himself, but he’s sure that he’s not going to be there when he gets his money and, as a result Theory believes that Ziggler is nothing more than an over-the hill title holder who never has-been.Dolph punches him in the face, and they fight and then we take a break

Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali vs. the Miz and Tommaso Ciampa

Collar and elbow Alexander and Ciampa to begin, Tom gets him in the ropes, clean break, and Cedric gets away.Side headlock shot off, reversed into side headlock!Hammerlock is from Alexander, Ciampa gets up from the ropes, falls down jumpfrog, back to body and then dropkick, connects.Tags for Ali, Cedric trips Tom up, slingshot senton Atomo from Mustafa!Fast tag and another senton, then Cover for two!Duck an armspring, Ciampa with a dropkick and we’re off to break back from commercial, heels working Alexander over, Cedric gets a suplex off, the route can be seen, and tags are made!Ali who has chops and whip reversed Dropkick clears the area gamengiri prepares an exploding thunderbulldog… Nope!Skull-Crushing Finale blocked, big inverted DDT counters


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